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Bathleyhills First Dream - (Goblin)

On Lease To The Clark Family

12hh Part Bred Welsh

D. O. B. 30th March 2002

 Trailblazers 2011

Polly and Goblin Schooling at Home!!!!!

 Waiting in prize giving with Polly!!!



Goblin lives up to his name, he is a super pony who we all adore, but as he was born in the hound paddock at Readyfields seems to think he is a hound not a pony!!!!!  He loves jumping and will tolerate dressage - Charlotte competed on him 2006 but has unfortunately now outgrown him.  He tells us if the children can ride or not - he goes fantastic for them if they can but is a proper monkey if they cant!!!!!! 

We are hoping to break him to drive at some point which we think he will love!!!!!!  He is a very reliable pony to take anywhere, even if he is a little fresh he will still behave better at a competition than he will at home!!!!

Polly now has really got to grips with Goblin over the 2008/09 season and we hope she doesnt grow too quickly after starting on 45cms she is now competing up to 85cms on him and jumping well over 1m at home, they are definately getting it more right than wrong and improving daily,

Goblin has such ability and scope over a fence and Polly just knows how to ride him to gain the best results and 100% trust from Goblin.

 65cms at Arena Uk


Click on loose jump pic for video


Penny takes Goblin to Dressage - Riseholme University 9th December 2007

Penny decided to take Goblin to a competition - note no photos taken!!!!

He was a very good boy and came 3rd in the Novice 21 with 64.17%


Trent Valley Christmas Show - 8th December 2007

A trip out to Trent Valley proved very successful with all the girls and ponies coming home with rosettes!!!!

Polly rode Goblin for the first time at a show and with very successful results!!!

Class 1 - Pairs

2nd - Charlotte & Tommy/Polly & Goblin

Class 2 - Santas Sprint

2nd - Polly & Goblin



Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre - 4th November 2007

Charlotte and Goblin had a trip out to do some dressage with super results!!!

Prelim 4     -    60.46%    1st Young Rider    1st Young horse

Prelim 10   -    63.64%    1st Young Rider


Doverbeck Riding Club Show

Charlotte took Goblin and had a very successful day bringing home trophies and rosettes.........

Goblins results

Novice Pony Showjumping       4th

Novelty Showjumping               4th

Most Appealing Pony                2nd


Doverbeck Riding Club Show - 2nd September 2007


Picture Kindly supplied by www.paulsands.org

Charlotte took Goblin and had a super day.  

Picture Kindly supplied by www.paulsands.org

Goblin had a lovely day but that was brought short slightly as he had to travel with Seymour and go home earlier so Florence could go to Silverhorse Shoe!!!


Silver Horse Shoe Riding Club - 1st September 2007

Jumping Show

Charlotte took Goblin with super results.....

Beginners Jumping

1st  - Charlotte

Novice Pony Jumping

1st   -  Charlotte

Working Hunter Pony

1st   -  Charlotte


Charlotte abandons Tommy................

Charlotte decided to abandon Tommy in the field and go out competing on her old faithful friend Goblin, with super results, pics to follow.....

Proudly showing their first rosette

12.2hh & Under             1st

Beginners jumping          3rd

Style & Appearance        5th

Most Appealing              5th

Working Hunter              4th


Sheltering from the rain - what a day for it!!!!!!!!!


Charlotte and Maddie, on her new pony, Twinkle, coming 3rd and 4th in the beginners jumping.


Laxton Charity Gymkhana, Pleasure Drive and Dog Show - Saturday 8th July 2006

The youngest "BYs" went on lead rein and got placed 4th on Goblin and 6th on Sally in the style and appearance, clear rounds in the minimus and competed in the family pony and most appealing.  With mum and dad bravely holding ponies and showing them!!!!!


Newark Dressage 25th June 2006

Miss BY rode Goblin and finished with 63.17%


Caythorpe 1st Round Trailblazers

Charlotte and Goblin took 2nd with 68.5%


Newton Charity Dressage - 2nd June 2006

Charlotte rode prelim 18 with Goblin gaining 64.14% and 2nd in the junior riders.


Girls warming up..........

Goblin checking his scores proudly showing off his clear round rosette!!!!!


Newark Dressage held at Caythorpe -Sunday 21/05/06

Charlotte rode a lovely test on Goblin and gained 60.65% and took the 4th place as young rider


South Notts Pony Club Combined Training

charlotte and goblin

Charlotte and Goblin rode a super dressage test then jumped with a few faults but we were really proud of them both having their first go at a jumping  competition.

Charlotte and Goblin


Charlotte has been teaching Goblin to jump in preparation for the PC Combined Training............................

Goblin and Charlotte jumping their first filler

Goblin and Charlotte jumping their first spread fence


Caythorpe Equestrian - 5th March 2006

Charlotte competed "Goblin" and rode a lovely test and gained 58% which was a brilliant score on a very young pony at his second competition.



Bathleyhills First Dream 



Sire's Sire


Sire's Dam



Rohey Sparkling Maydream 

Dam's Sire

Wian Mab Spruce 

Dam's Dam

Balfour Caren 








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