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A horse that can never be replaced....


Red - Tb x


D. O. B. 1977 approx

Red is our veteran and is now retired.  He is a 15.3hh, TB x Chestnut Gelding.

We have just found out he was bred by one of our friends "god-parents" and her father foaled him so we are excitedly waiting to see some pictures of his mum!!! He started his career as a showjumper and was in Michael Whittaker's yard at some point. I will update any new details as soon as I have some!!!! 

He was given to us with no background at all in 1999.   He has proved his weight in gold having whipped in to blood and fox hounds with Penny for 4 seasons.  He has crossed many different Countries including Quorn, Belvoir, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Top Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and of course Nottinghamshire.

In between time he was quite happy to teach novices to ride and escort youngsters out on the road.

Over the last few years his story has gradually come together after a few people have recognised him and each have said a little more about him and that he had showjumped.  He had never hunted and learnt very quickly about stone walls, and hedges although never quite got it together with ditches!!!!!

Penny made her decision to retire from hunting when Red retired, there would never be a horse so safe and knew hounds as well as him, he could have whipped in without a "rider" help!!!!!!!

Red was the most brave jumper across country, feeling like he had wings, his only fault being he wouldnt jump in front, he needed to see someone jump a fence in front!!!!!!!

There is so much to say about Red but the most important thing is he is very precious and a horse of a lifetime..........

Red has come in for the Winter 07 and been sneaked back into as much work as he is able to do.  Hes moved down to the other farm with his friend Alice so they are quietly hacking out - although Red doesnt think it should be quiet and is leaping about like a spring chicken!!!!

How nice it is to be out on an old faithful friend..........................

Hes not looking too bad for coming 31!!!!!!!!!

A few hunting days from 2000 to 2004..................

One of Red's first days hunting out in Ambergate, Derbyshire, definately a bit of a scary day "learning" about stone walls!!!!!!!

Red and Gamble with David Boddy - Readyfields Blood Hounds.

Red had a day off here and this is Davey Jones - we had him given to us by a late friend Dr Wilson and his family when he retired from hunting.  Davey is now also retired and hacking out quietly with a friend of ours.

Gamble, another great favorite horse, unfortunately passed away now, he was owned by David Boddy, aged here at 23 parading hounds at Newark & Notts County Show 2001 with Penny, and still hunting strong, he was fantastic across country and had been in hunt service all his life. 

Red pictured here with the Readyfields out at Grimsby.  A very long day!!!!

A half way break out with the Readyfields........

Red and Gamble again!!!!!!

Red out on a hunt ride "babysitting", he would also stay at the back and look after anyone that needed some help!!!!

The same hunt ride - giving a lead over a fence to the above two!!!!

A day off from Whipping In to join the Grove & Rufford for a day in Laxton!!!

Red showing the South Notts foxhounds at Newark & Notts County Show 2004!!!

One of Pennys favorite pictures of Red - probably because you cant see her!!!!!!

This was a lovely day out at Thoresby estate lots of nice "popping" fences and for a bonus nice sandy going!!!!

This was Ros - a horse Penny tried out hunting for a friend, he also has passed away having hunted all his life!!!

Red retired out in the field October 2007 looking after his "herd" of mares and youngstock!!!!

A quiet friendly livery, for your peace of mind.