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Tommy (Buckmeca)

13.3hh New Forest

D. O. B. 01 June 2000

Tommy came to us from a friend for us to sell.  He had been purchased from Melton Horse Sales he was a very frightened nervous pony who has a lot of issues.  After tracing his old owners they assured me he was good to ride but very nervous in the stable after being wild on the New Forest until he was a three year old.

 Trailblazers 2008

After we had him for a month we decided he would struggle to find a home that would be suitable for him so we decided to keep him ourselves.

 Julia Shearwood

Charlotte is now competing him very successfully and gaining high marks with his dressage at Prelim and is now going to move on to Novice.  He still finds everything on the ground very stressful but is totally happy and confident once ridden.

He also enjoys jumping and going for a canter around the fields.  Unfortunately we do have an issue with catching him so just hope nobody ever falls off!!!!!!!!

Tommy has gone from strength to strength in the time we have had him, proving to be a very versatile pony with a flare for his dressage.  Time and time again he brings red rosettes home and is a credit to the yard and his rider Charlotte.

What a swoop after the Doverbeck Presentation Evening, Tommy showing his "Best Young Horse" Trophy!!!!!!

 Trailblzers 2008

Tommy out with Penny.........



10th December 2009 - Arena UK Unaffiliated Dressage

Penny takes Tommy out for the first time!!!

2nd           Prelim 12          68.40%

2nd           Novice 32         69.56%

Doverbeck Presentation Evening......

Charlotte and Tommys results speak for themselves!!!!!!
1st Junior
1st Young Rider
2nd Novice
Best Young Horse - Tommy
Style & Appearance
Overall Maximum Points Winner 12.2hh - 13.2hh

What an armful of cups and rosettes Charlotte and Tommy received at the presentation evening...........
    Tommy and his "Best Young Horse" Trophy

Trent Valley Christmas Show - 8th December 2007

A trip out to Trent Valley proved very successful with all the girls and ponies coming home with rosettes!!!!

Class 1 - Pairs

2nd - Charlotte & Tommy/Polly & Goblin

Class 2 - Santas Sprint

1st - Charlotte & Tommy

Class 3 - Christmas Pudding

1st - Charlotte & Tommy (only one of ours entered!!!)


Riseholme - Students Only Combined Training

Ellie borrowed Tommy for the day to do the Combined Training, he was an absolute star and won the Prelim 14 with a massive 73%.  He had two stops at some "scary" fillers in the showjumping which was a shame and knocked himself out of the overal placings.

Doverbeck Riding Club Show

Charlotte took Tommy and had a very successful day bringing home trophies and rosettes.........

S & A       -          2nd


P7             63%           4th

N25           59.2%        2nd

Best Young Rider

Doverbeck Riding Club Show - 16th September 2007


Charlotte & Tommy had another successful show........

1st  -  Style & Appearance

1st  -  Tack & Turnout

Prelim 18          64.58%        1st

Novice 32         56.08%        4th

Best Young Horse

Best Young Rider

Elms Farm Equestrian Centre - 9th September 2007

Charlotte and Tommy had a successful competition gaining qualification for the second round trailblazers with super results.

Prelim 10          61.82%            4th

Novice 32         60.00%            3rd

Doverbeck Riding Club Show - 2nd September 2007

Charlotte took both Tommy and had a super day.  Tommy had some superb results,

Prelim 14        73.33%         1st

Novice 30       65.76%         2nd

Best Young Rider and Best Young Horse

Charlotte and Tommy - Trailblazers Finals 2007

1st & 2nd August 2007 - The Royal Showground - Stoneleigh

Charlotte and Tommy had a very successful two days, bringing home rosettes again!!

Tommy found the atmosphere a little difficult the first day and was wound up but Charlotte helped him to ride two tests with the following scores.

Prelim 10               60.9%

Novice 27               56.4%

On the second day finding a quiet warm up area seemt to work really well and they both rode two superb tests and gained fantastic scores in good company.

Prelim 10                 68.60%           4th

Novice 27                 62.50%          10th

Well done to them both!!!!!!!!!! 


Tommy is really getting the hang of wearing his prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!  Something we would never of dreamt of happening a year ago, he is getting better and better every day that goes by!!!!!!

Charlotte and Tommy take top Fledgling Team

Under 21's Dressage - Addington 28th & 29th July 2007

Charlotte, Tommy,  mum, and sister Rebecca made the long trip to Addington complete with all camping gear and had a very successful competition.  Each age group were split into teams of four and the team was judged over the four tests.

Tommy settled really well in his stable, which was a major concern for us all.   As he has so many issues, everyone was concerned living in a temporary stable with a plastic "flappy" roof would be just too much.  As usual he proved us wrong and settled beautifully and was still there in the morning.....................

Setting off at 7am to arrive with plenty of time was well worth the early start and the results proved so......................

Saturday 28th July

Prelim 16             67.50%               3rd

Prelim 10             67.73%               2nd

Sunday 29th July

Prelim 16             65.00%               3rd

Prelim 18             67.08%               3rd  


We decided it wouldnt have been a good thing to come 1st or 2nd as the prize was a rug, this would have been a major problem as Tommy struggles to wear a lightweight rug without turning himself inside out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

 Tommy getting quite used to showing off his rosettes!!!

Charlotte came 3rd Overal Individual  

Charlottes Team Took 1st Overal Fledglings.........

Charlotte and Tommy Win Again!!!!!

A successful trip to Doverbeck Riding Club for Tommy and Charlotte.

Prelim 4                    66.36%               1st
Novice 24                 61.11%               1st
Best Young Horse & Young Rider

Style & Appearance - 2nd

Proudly displaying all their rosettes

Newton Dressage - 1st June 2007

Charlotte and Tommy took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their three tests in the Junior section,


Pony Day - 30th May 2007 proved to quite a "wet one" so not many pictures!!!

   Charlotte and Tommy


Charity Dressage held at Brackenhurst 3rd March 2007

Charlotte gained 3rd place in the prelim 7 with 62.5% receiving 3 lovely rosettes and a gift voucher.  She also rode a lovely prelim 12 test and gained 60% but was just out of the prizes.

Charlotte and Tommy warming up


Tommy finished!!                                                        Tommy going home tired!!!!

Spinal Research Dressage Competition, Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre - 4th & 5th February 2007

Well Done Charlotte and Tommy!!!!

Charlotte and Tommy rode four superb tests over the weekend, in huge classes, and gained results to prove it!!!!  After some very hard work, and lots of learning tests, as all our children ride the tests from memory, Charlotte brought home loads of rosettes, prizes and a huge trophy!!!!!!!!!

Tommy has come on in leaps and bounds, he is still an extremely nervous pony to handle, but Charlotte understands him completely, and Tommy tries his hardest to please and work correctly. 

Best overall junior rider
A very brave Tommy showing off his rosettes!!!!!

Caythorpe unaffiliated dressage 12th July 2006

Prelim 4   56.6%

Laxton Charity Gymkhana, Pleasure Drive and Dog Show - Saturday 8th July 2006


Charlotte took our new pony Tommy and came 5th in the Mountain and Moorland, and 8 faults in the show jumping.  Also competing in the family pony and most appealing.



Tommys Dressage Results................

Trent Valley Equestrian Centre 1st Round Trailblazers - 8th March 2009

7th          Prelim 12          61.6%

3rd          Prelim 19          65.91%

Newark Dressage Championship - 21/09/08

Junior Champion

Amateur Prelim Champion

2nd          Prelim 17        70.85%

                Novice 33       61.38%

Trailblazers Dressage Championships -30th July 2008

7th       Prelim 10          66.80% (Qualified Championship Class)

            Novice 27         62.50%

Trailblazers Dressage Championships - 31st July 2008

13th      Prelim 10          62.70%

             Novice 27         55%

Newark Dressage - 22nd June 2008

1st       Prelim 17               69.58% (1st Junior)

2nd      Prelim 7                 68%

Spinal Research Charity Dressage - February 2008

3rd YR Prelim 12               62.0%

             Novice 25             62.0%

1st YR   Prelim 14              68.75%  Overall Highest Placed 12 yrs and Under in Prelim

              Novice 27             60.35%

Riseholme University - 20th January 2007

5th        Prelim 7                 68.5%

4th        Novice 24              67.40%

Under 21 - Search For A Star at Unicorn Trust - 22nd October 2007

6th        Prelim 18               65.41%

5th        Novice Fledgling    232.5

Doverbeck Riding Club - 23/09/07

4th         Prelim 7                 63%

2nd        Novice 25              59.2%  Best Young Rider

Doverbeck Riding Club - 16/09/07

1st         Prelim 18                64.58%  Best Young Rider

4th         Novice 32              56.08%  Best Young Horse

Elms Farm - 09/09/07

4th         Prelim 10                61.82%

3rd        Novice 32               60%

Doverbeck Riding Club - 02/09/07

1st         Prelim 14                73.33%  Best Young Rider

2nd        Novice 30              65.76%  Best Young Horse    

Doverbeck Riding Club - 12/08/07

2nd         Prelim 12              65.6%  Best Young Rider

1st          Novice 27             65.17  Best Young Horse 

Trailblazers Championships - Royal Show Ground - Stoneleigh 1st & 2nd Aug 2007

-             Prelim 10              60.9%

-             Novice 27             56.4%

4th          Prelim 10              68.6%

10th        Novice 27             62.5%

Under 21's UK Summer Championships - Addington

3rd          Prelim 16              65%

Fledgings team - 1st

Fledgling individual - 3rd

Spinal Research Dressage Competition, Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre - 4th & 5th February 2007

P4       71.36%        1st Young rider        1st overall       
P12      69.60%       1st Young rider        7th overall      
P7        65.50%       2nd Young rider       7th overall     
P13      70.41%        1st Young rider       6th overall     
Best overall junior rider
Caythorpe unaffiliated dressage 12th July 2006
Prelim 4   56.6%

 Tommy, George and the girls out for a canter!!!





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