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Bathleyhills Arabella -"Arabella"


Welsh Cob x, 

Born 1998

Graded Preliminary Stud (incomplete breeding details) Book Status Sports Pony Stud Book.

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Arabella is a cob pony we bought in 2006 - she is a excellent moving black welsh cob x type mare of unknown breeding.  We found after buying her she had probually been a driving pony and we were hopefully going to use her to drive, this was unfortunately not to happen as we believe she may have had an accident at some point and is terrified of traffic although was perfect in the long lines and harrowed the school a couple of times for us!!!!

Arabella has produced some fabulous foals shown below, they are all good moving with super conformation and we look forward to seeing many more.


2011 SPSS Grading








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 Bathleyhills Aramatix - "Lois" - July 2010

Bathleyhills Arabaz - "Barry" - 2nd August 2009

 Bathleyhills Aramis - "Dave" - 2nd August 2007





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