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14hh Grey Mare

Breeding Unknown believed Connemara x 1995

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We believe Silver has jumped BSJA, we are going to try and follow up her show records and past history in due course.

She came to us with the intention of producing her to sell after her owners had found she was too much for their daughter.  She proved to be very difficult under saddle and we came to the decision she was unsafe to ride.  She is a lovely person who we think may have had a lot of pressure in the showjumping arena and it has blown her mind.

We have loose jumped her and she has a fabulous jump.

We discussed her future with her owners, and we all came to the decision we would keep her as a brood mare so she didnt get pushed from home to home, on the understanding she doesnt get ridden again.

We decided with the jump she has to put a showjumping stallion on her and carefully chose a superb Netherland New Forest called Fabian, who is a young Sports Pony Graded Stallion who is proving outstanding in his first year of BSJA showjumping, she took in foal on the first covering and her first foal "Sally" was born on the 14th March 2008.

We graded Silver with a score of 78.7% with the SPSS 13th October 2007, she proved very popular having decided to do the loose jumping of her own accord - even though being in foal she wasnt expected to jump!!!!

Pics of the grading...


Silver is now out for the Winter looking forward to her foal coming in the early Spring, we are all very excited about it, shes not quite as clean as she was for the grading but looks just as well!!!  We have used a German Riding Pony Hilkens Black Delight as a choice for 2009 he is absolutely stunning and has some fantastic results in Germany so we look forward to see what she will produce for her second foal.

November 2007


  This is Silver with her previous owner


Progency... Click on photo

  Bathleyhills Silver Flight "Sally" 2008


Silvers baby arrived 12 days late on the 14th March 2008 at 4.30am.

Silver had a textbook birth and our filly foal was born at 4.30am she was up and drinking very quickly and is really cute!!!!  Well done Silver and congratulations on our first foal of the season!!!





Silver with her previous owner Amy....




For 2008 Foal - Fabian standing at the Meadow Stud ....


We had a trip to Willoughby Equestrian Centre to meet Fabian, Toby, who rides him and his dad Craig Gardener he had the most fantastic temperament, and superb jump, as stunning in the flesh as his advertisement photos, Craig and Toby were fantastic people who had time to introduce us to him and talk at length, even though they were incredibly busy with ponies competing in all classes!!!!!

We'd like to wish them all the best success in the future.





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