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Progeny - Rohey Sparkling Maydream

Bathleyhills Dream In Colour

Graded Preliminary Stud Book Status Sports Pony Stud Book.

Sire:  Acado

Dam:  Rohey Sparkling Maydream

Registered Chaps, eligible PBW

D.O.B - 12th May 2008 to make approx 138cms

Acado Acamani Agnus Dei  


St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch Grendy


Verb. Pr. Hauptstutbuch Zuchtbuch: Lewitzer Beauty Greenhorn


Haupstutbuch Brock Ballerina


Rohey Sparkling Maydream  Wian Mab Spruce Weston Spruce


Wian Dainty Lady


Balfour Caren Thornwood Royalist


Chirk Cadi

This is Dorothy born Monday 12th May 2008 - 9 days late at 6.15am.  She is out of Doris (Rohey Sparkling Maydream) and by Acado - German Riding Pony owned by Lostock Stud. 

She the first coloured foal born under the Bathleyhills prefix and wow she couldnt be more perfect.  She has the most fabulous temperament, conformation and movement.  Being the last foal born to our previous broodmare "Doris" we were very excited for her to be a filly so we can carry on her bloodlines now Doris has gone to her new home.

  Feb 2009

We aim to back her after weaning her 2012 foal with the aim to sell her to a fabulous showing home.


Competition Results.......  

Chaps Summer Championships 29th August 2008

Foal Futurity Part Bred                                     2nd

Foal Futurity Finals Eve Performance                5th



 Delia - Bathleyhills Dream In Colour 2011 Sold


As A Yearling

Dorothy and Bridget

As a foal


 Just Born


Rohey Sparkling Maydream - Dorothys Dam

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Acado - Dorothys Sire standing at Lostock Stud

14hh   D.O.B 2004
Graded with CHAPS UK and the Sports Pony Studbook

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Acamani Agnus Dei Albano  


Hauptstutbuch Lolli


St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch Grendy Grant B 468


Haupstutbuch Kessi 484


Verb. Pr. Hauptstutbuch Zuchtbuch: Lewitzer Beauty Greenhorn Graveur B 76


Hauptstutbuch Lydia


Haupstutbuch Brock Ballerina Katric Caspers


Brock Bridie





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