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This is a list of some of the ponies we have sold previously..................

We are always delighted to hear about any of our ponies so please get in touch if they have changed ownership and let us know how they are doing. 


Some Of The Ponies We Have Sold or are on lease .....

Good Luck To All Our Ponies and Their New Owners
Bathleyhills Mystery Man - "Norris"
Antsar Corn Poppy - "Poppy"

Bathleyhills Aramatix - "Lois"

Bathleyhills Justifiable - "Hilda"

Bathleyhills Daylight -Elsie Sold Good Luck Kristin

Bathleyhills Ocean Spray - "Stuart" - Sold Good Luck Kristin

Bathleyhills Gold Lustre sold as a foal at foot.  Good luck Emma we look forward to hearing all her progress
Rotherwood Top Of The Pops "Pops" sold to Ireland Good Luck To the Horgan Family
Bathleyhills "Un Named" - Sandra" -  good luck to Matt and Emma
Bathleyhills Coco Chanel - Rita - good luck to Jonathan
Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel - "Albert" - Good Luck Grace
          Bathleyhills Marsala - "Hazel" - Good luck Helena
First Lady - "Lady" - Good Luck Cheryle
Bathleyhills Justification - "Trevor" - Good Luck Emily
Bathleyhills Chanel Allure - "Arnold" - Good Luck Emma
Bathleyhills Colour Me In - "Delia" - Good Luck Pamela
Bathleyhills Touch Of Gold - "Wilfred" - Good Luck Mattie
Bathleyhills First Edition - "Brenda" - Good Luck Sarah
        Bathleyhills Silver Flight - "Sally" - Good Luck Emily
Styalways Armarni - "Arnie" - Good Luck Vicky
   Bathleyhills Copper Dream - Harvey - Good Luck
     Bathleyhills Sea Urchin - Hamish - Good Luck Honor

Bathleyhills Sea Mist "Seymour" - O'Brien Family in Ireland and now his new owners in the UK, we would love to hear from you

We are absolutely thrilled to see Seymour winning the 128cms 2nd Round Winter Championships and Qualifying for Hickstead!!!!!!!!!!  A huge congratulations to Atlanta who we have now met and given Seymour a huge hug at Arena UK - January 2013!!!!!!!!!

Bathleyhills Touch Of Class "Annie" - Good Luck Katie
Lucy Locket, we are sad the hear she has now sadly passed away
Bathleyhills Touch Of Silver - "George" - we would love to hear how our George is getting on.
Hardwick View Jives - "Jives" - Good Luck to Sarah
Dee - Sold To Germany
Llangeitho Sportsman - "Sporty" Good Luck to Matty and now I hear to his new owners 





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