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31st December 2014 

Today we sadly had to say goodbye to our lovely SPSS Graded Foundation Broodmare Rohey Sparkling Maydream aka Doris.  She had given us some fabulous foals over the years and we will massively miss her in the yard.


21st December 2014  - Vale View Equestrian Centre British Dressage

Absolutely delighted with Bathleyhills Monet aka John today at Vale View British Dressage!!!
1st N27S - 65.36%
2nd N39SQ - 65.86%
Also qualifying for Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championships 2015!!!!
Thank you to Jake Fowles for riding him


7th December 2014  - Vale View Equestrian Centre British Dressage

3rd Novice 24S  - 68.46%

4th Prelim 17SQ -  67.50%


30th November - another fantastic day at The British National Foal Show!!!!!

Bathleyhills Swift Romance aka Thelma (Bathleyhills Sea Swift - Thursden Vallye Raphael X Rembrandt DDH)
Reserve Champion Show Hunter Pony
1st Show Hunter Pony...

1st Sports/competition pony
6th Part Bred Welsh

Bathleyhills Sea Scape aka Joan (Loveden Sea Swallow - Gigman Jacana x Rembrandt DDH)
5th Part Bred Welsh
7th show hunter pony
9th sports competition pony


29th November 2014 - Professional Equine Services Unaffilated Dressage

1st Novice 24  - 75%

Bathleyhills Monet - Ridden by Jake Fowles

Bathleyhills Chanel Coleur aka Eric had his debut outing with me and although unplaced he gained a respectable 65.4% in Prelim 18 and 63.1% in Prelim 4!!!! For a big gangly baby who made some baby mistakes I couldn't do anything but smile he was totally adorable!!!!!


9th November 2014 - Newark Vintage Tractor Show

Had a super day again today the Newark Vintage Tractor Show!!!! We were delighted to be awarded best Native or Rare Breed Stall and receive a fabulous cup!!!!!

Thank you to Ruth Staines our lovely Chairman and Farokh Khorooshi who joined me today to meet and greet and introduce our lovely Caspians to many lovely people!!!!!!

Lovely to see friends old and new!!!!!


1st November 2014 - Dengi Pony Club Qualifiers - Brackenhurst College

Absolutely delighted today with Matty and Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie at the Pony Club Dressage Dengi Qualifiers, who won the Prelim 14 with 71.25% and was 6th in the Novice Dengie qualifier with 67.60%!!!!

Beautifully ridden in both tests!!!!


19th October 2014

Delighted to hear Katie and Matty qualified for Blue Chip yesterday!!!! First time show jumping for a few weeks and been having fun xc!!!


14th October 2014

Harry is now officially a pony club pony as well after attending his first dressage rally with Gabi!!! He thought it was great fun but he is very tired now lol!!!!!


5th October 2014

 Katie (Bathleyhills Sea Spray) with Matty and their team win their first Novice Team Chase!!!!!


3rd October 2014

Absolutely delighted Bathleyhills Swift Decision aka Colin will be staying with his lease family as now decided he will be staying as a long term forever family member!!!!!!


28th September 2014

Absolutely delighted to hear Matty and Katie (Bathleyhills Sea Spray - Loveden Sea Swallow x Chateau De Brion) were placed 2nd at today's Belvoir PC hunter trials!!!!!!! Thank you to Jonathan and Helen for doing great driving and grooms positions!!!!!!


26th September 2014

A lovely message received from Sarah Payne at Sheepgate regarding Bathleyhills Sea Breeze aka Gladys

"I do believe I have just witnessed the start of the most amazing relationship, thanks to the new arrival at Sheepgate this week. Lilys face was a picture when she had her first ride on Gladys this evening. I did rather enjoy my ride on her too!!! Exciting times ahead with your beautiful mare Penny"


13th September 2014

I was delighted to be invited out with the Blankney Hunt - Autumn Hunting and be absolutely given a fabulous opportunity to ride our homebred "Bathleyhills Chanel Allure" aka Arnold who is now owned since a three year old by MFH Emma Elliott


7th September 2014 - Arena Uk Championship Show

Had a super day today at Arena Uk's Championship Show!!!!!!
Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie (Loveden sea Swallow x Chateau De Brion) and Matty gaining a 1st and 2nd Working Hunter!!!!!

"Katie" and Audrey - her "niece" (Bathleyhills Swift - Bathleyhills Sea swift -Thursden Vallye Raphael x Casino Royale K) both going through in the top 5 in the evening performance in In Hand and Workers!!!!! Fabulous to have both ponies in the finals!!!!!!!!

Both were brilliant and a pleasure to have out!!!!! Thank you to both Helen and Jonathan for giving Katie a great time and of course to the fabulous Matty for doing such a great job with her!!!!!!!!!!


30th August 2014 - CHAPS Championship Show

Had a fab day at CHAPs Championships with Bathleyhills Swift - aka Audrey (Bathleyhills Sea Swift - Thursden Vallye Raphael x Casino Royale K) who won the World Breeds 4 yrs and over up to 148cms and then was 2nd in the World Breed Colour Class. Delighted she held it all together even after being stung by a wasp at the top of her back leg in between classes - poor girl was really unimpressed but still tried really hard!!!!!


23rd August 2014 - ZfDp Foal Inspections

Absolutely delighted to welcome the ZfdP to our home today and thrilled to be awarded three foal premiums, to Thelma, Joan and James the children were all on their best behaviour and apart from John showing his best jumping ability by exiting the school quite nicely just because he thought it was funny, a fabulous afternoon!!!



August 2014

Bathleyhills Monet Reserve Champion Novice Dressage -  Professional Equine Services


17th August 2014  - Equifest - Peterborough Showground

Bathleyhills Monet ridden by Shannon Bridson Qualified for the Cherif Championships 2014 under 148cms.

3rd Part Bred Arab under 148cms

We had a fabulous week at Equifest, catching up with friends old and new!!!!
Thank you so much to Shannon who rode all the baby ponies beautifully and as well as bringing home a huge array of rosettes, kept them all safe and they enjoyed every minute!!!!!!

Jacob, Audrey and John had a fabulous show with everyone bringing home rosettes from 1st onwards!!!!!!!!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped, organised, bathed, plaited, took photos, swopped and held ponies, looked after Millie and everything that goes with taking 3 baby ponies to a very busy show!!!!!!


31st July 2014 - BEF Futurity Arena UK

Absolutely thrilled today to earn a elite with "baby foal" Joan with a score of 9!!!! Joan is out of our fabulous mare Loveden Sea Swallow who has previous had another Elite and one of the top 128cms jumping ponies in the country!!!!!! She was also highest brood mare of the BEF 2012!!!! Joan is by Rembrandt DDH who is a British Team Pony.

Next our fabulous Vincent who is out of Bathleyhills First Mystery and by our gorgeous stallion Bathleyhills Monet who gained 8.98 and a Higher first Premium!!!!! What a star!!!!!

Then our lovely Thelma, who gained a high first premium of 8.50 who is out of Bathleyhills Sea Swift (Loveden sea swallow x Thursden Vallye Raphael and also by Rembrandt DDH!!!


27th July 2014 - PES Dressage

Bathleyhills Swift aka Audrey (Bathleyhills Sea Swift - Thursden Vallye Raphael x Casino Royale K) ridden superbly by Polly at her first ridden competition at PES Dressage. A 5th place in BE 95 with a super score of 68.5% and unplaced in the P12 with 65.2%

Thistledown Copper Lustre aka Harry had a super morning with Gabi. Winning the Prelim 12 with 72.8% and 2nd in the Intro with 72.6%. We were all delighted, and did have to have a little word with the judge as she felt he should be going home with her lol!!!!!! NOT a chance

Bathleyhills Monet aka John also went really well for Polly, gaining a 3rd and 4th in Prelim 12 with 69% and Novice 24 with 67.7%. Very proud of Polly riding her first Novice test!!!!! She is an absolute star!!!


19th July 2014 - Your Horse Championships

Huge well done to Matty and Bathleyhills Ocean Spray aka Katie (Loveden Sea Swallow x Chateau De Brion) winning both their Worker Classes!!!


6th July 2014

Had a a super day at the 100th Ashby Show which included the Caspian Breed show!!!
Bytham Justin Time aka Justin my gorgeous stallion took Breed Champion for the 2nd time after winning the stallion/Gelding class, followed in 2nd place by his dad Runnymede Fel-Fel!!!! Bytham Lindsay our part Bred Caspian won the Part bred class!!! Both the Bytham boys were bred by Pat Bowles of the world famous Bytham Stud!!!!


6th July 2014

Had a super morning at Arena Uk, with two 1sts for Dorothy (Bathleyhills Dream in colour - Rohey Sparkling Maydream (Doris) x Acado) had her first show in hand being a grown up after spending a few years as a brood mare for us!!!!!!! Literally dragged out of the field last night at 9.30pm had a quick tidy up and bath then went on to be a really good girl!!!!!!!

Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie also won her WHP with Matty!!!


29th June 2014

Another super day today!!!!! Harry won at the Inter schools competition at Arena Uk today with 72% in between warm up, then Polly going off to jump her pony in the 90cms clear and being the winning team for toothill school as well, then flying back to go in the dressage with Harry and doing a fab test!!!!!!

Then a fabulous afternoon at the Rotherwood Stud Open day seeing lots of gorgeous ponies and foals and meeting up with lots of friends!!!!!! Coffee and cake just made the day as well!!!!!!!!!!!


28th June 2014

Had a fab day out with the boys today at PES Dresage!!!!!

Harry and  Gabi went fantastic and Harry's face was a picture enjoying every minute!!!!

Quick turn around Harry home and Jacob and Noah's turn with Jake riding, they both went fab!!!!!

Then another turn around with John and me, he was a really good boy 4th in the BE 90 with 68.5% with super comments from the judge!!!
Not placed in the N24 with 64.1% but a really good boy, improvised slightly at one point but decided to play the game again, however then mummy decided to improvise with the map as well and do a bit of free style!!!!!! So both of us wanted sacking in that test!!!!!!!

Lovely day and just fab to be out in super company at a fantastic venue!!!!!!


June 2014

Just delighted to say Arthur our Orphan foal is now four years old and has now been backed, what an amazing feeling being sat on him!!!

From This...........

To This..........


8th June 2014

Had a lovely day today at arena Uk with my lovely Audrey - Bathleyhills Swift (Bathleyhills Sea Swift - Thursden Vallye Raphael - x Casino Royale K) 1st in all three classes!!!! And an absolute star throughout!!! ***********************************************************************

31st May 2014

Absolutely delighted to have our last foal of the season on the ground safe and sound, now just waiting for him to suck!!! A super colt out of Bathleyhills first mystery Aka Vera by our lovely stallion Bathleyhills Monet aka John!!! He looks fab!!!!


31st May 2014

Had a super day at PES Unaffiliated dressage with my lovely John!!!!!
2nd in both classes BE 95 with 70.5% and Novice 24 with 67.70% (with mummy also forgetting the map and making up her own test!!!)


11th May 2014 - Newark & Notts County Show

Had a super day at Newark County Show!!!
Bathleyhills Swift aka Audrey 3rd PBA

Langwedh Sunny Jim 4th Section B Stallion

Bathleyhills Coco Chanel aka Rita (Chanel V x Daydream) was 4th three year old sports horse now owned and shown beautifully byJonathan


May 2014

Bytham Justin Time - (Henden Noir x Runnymede Fel-Fel) our Caspian Stallion - Winner of the Points For Performance Scheme ran by the Caspian Horse Society 2013


4th May 2014 - Arena UK Riding Club Show

Had a super day with Bathleyhills Swift aka Audrey winning three classes and taking Champion In Hand!!!

Justin our Caspian Stallion was also 2nd Rare/Foreign Breed

Langwedh Sunny Jim our Cremello Section B Stallion also took a 2nd, 3rd and 5th and Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie was 2nd in her first Working Hunter and 4th Showjumping!!!


29th April 2014

Florence produces a fabulous filly foal by Rembrandt DDH at 8.30pm


28th April 2014 - Bedgbury

News of Dennis (Bathleyhills Chocolate Dream) and Lily Venables.  Huge Well Done!!!

1st Novice 22 - 71.7%, 2nd Prelim 12 - 75.6% and 3rd Prelim 15 - 73%***********************************************************************

26th April 2014 - PES Unaffilated Dressage

Had a super day yet again at PES un affiliated Dressage!!!
John was just super and a pleasure to take out, winning the Novice on 75.80% and 5th in the BE90 95 with 72.5%!!!

Harry also went superb with his new little jockey Gabi
and gained 6th place in both the intro and their first novice with super scores of over 66%

Katie and Matty also gained 6th in the BE90 95 test with a super score of over 66%


21st April - 2014

Absolutely thrilled with the first two positive pregnancy scans for 2015!!!!!
Juswith Sindoor x Garuda K
St Pr St Belle Vue x Bathleyhills Monet!!!!!!

18th - 20th April - 2014 BSPS Winter Championships

Bathleyhills Monet had his debut outing to the Winter Champs, he was unplaced however a huge learning curve to be in his first ridden showing show and in strong classes!!!  He was amazing and coped fabulously in the huge atmosphere!!!  Thank you to both Jo Bridson for grooming and her daughter Shannon Bridson for riding him!!!


16th April - 2014

Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie today is a dressage pony and was placed at the Pony Club dressage with scores of 65%+ and 66%+


15th April - 2014

Bathleyhills Sea Spray aka Katie goes to her first water training day, she absolutely loved it!!!


8th April - 2014

Fabulous filly foal born last night at 8.30pm, what a good girl Loveden Sea Swallow was!!!! Swallow is our Head Stud Book Graded Spss welsh b mare and our fabulous bay (prob grey) filly is by the fantastic International Dressage pony Rembrandt DDH!!!!  We have called her Joan!!!


3rd April - 2014

We would like to introduce Bathleyhills Burglar Bill MAR.
Born at 9.30pm tonight whilst Oli and Andrew were out chasing potential visitors!!!!!! Hence the name!!!!! Out of Marieke aka Violet and by the gorgeous Bathleyhills Monet aka John a fabulous chestnut colt!!!!!!!

We had an instant decision on a stable name for Bathleyhills Burglar Bill. He was born on the birthday of a very special boy Jamie Bray, who was sadly taken away from his parents and family far too soon in a tragic accident, it would have been his 13th birthday yesterday, so in honour of a very special boy we will name him James. With love and all our thoughts to Jamie's special family, and with discussion with his fantastic mum Sarah!!!


29th March - 2014 - PES Dressage

Had a super day today at PES dressage!!!!!!

Gabi and Harry came 3rd in the Intro a with a fabulous score of of 65.70% on her debut outing on Harry who also hasn't been out with a tiny jockey for years!!!!!!!!
Matty and Katie came 5th with ...a super score of 64.80% and a lovely test again a first time out for both together!!!!!

John and I and had super time and had lots of fun even though at times apparently his trot button has disappeared but won the Novice on 66.9%!!!

28th March - 2014

John tries his hand at a bit of jumping!!!!


21st February - 2014 - Two Venues Brackenhurst and PES Dressage

Star Of The Day!!!!!!!!!

Harry won the novice 30 at PES un affiliated dressage with a fantastic score of 83.1%, taking the Winter Dressage League Championship!!!

Bathleyhills Monet ridden by Polly Clark at two different venues today, he was a super boy and although out of the placings gained a 69.20% in Prelim 18 at PES un affiliated dressage at Kneesall!!!!!!!

Thank you to Julia Shearwood for the photos


21st February - 2014

Lois has found her forever home, good luck Chris!!


18th February - 2014

Katie and Jake have a trip out to Vale View to jump the clear round, Katie was amazing!!!!!


12th February - 2014

We are delighted to have purchased Malcolm back who we sold as a yearling and now are very excited to have the opportunity to get him up and running and find a ridden home.

 pictured as a yearling


9th February - 2014

Absolutely delighted that Bathleyhills Justifiable aka Hilda has found her new forever home.  Huge good luck to Emma.



2nd February Arena UK - British Dressage

Thistledown Copper Lustre aka Harry was fabulous at his first BD affiliated outing in nearly four years!!!!

1st Novice O 30 - 72.60%

4th Novice OSQ 34 - 70.00%

Harry pictured here with his son Bathleyhills Chanel Allure aka Arnold who also won both the Prelim and the Novice restricted

Bathleyhills Monet also had his debut outing affiliated and although was a superbly behaved boy found the actual arena very scary when a door blew open just as he started his first test!!! So not so brilliant scores but absolutely delighted with how he went!!!

1st Prelim 14 O - 62.70%

2nd Prelim 13 O - 59.59%


25th January 2014 - Professional Equine Services Unaffiliated Dressage

A super start to the New Years competing!!!

Harry and John had their first trip out this year and both behaved fantastically!!!!

Thistledown Copper Lustre (Harry) Won the Novice 30 with 72.7%

Bathleyhills Monet (John) did two super tests and gained in

Prelim 1 - 72.6%

Prelim 14 - 65.4%





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